A Day In French Village - Ana Villas Dalat

Dalat is not only attractive by the romantic natural scenery and the cool climate all year round which makes it become an ideal place for relaxation and living, but it is also a special attraction for tourists when experiencing and discovering the wonderful beauty of the ancient villas which are designed in different forms and styles and very suitable for the terrain and climate condition here.
The appearance and development of these unique architectural heritages are closely linked to the foundation and development history of Dalat City, and to this day, the City still preserves over 1,500 ancient villas and residences which have the great impression of French architecture. These villas are often designed in two storeys under the styles and ideas of each owner so they are rarely duplicated. Especially, the roofs and chimney systems of the fireplace are very diverse and impressive with the impression of French countryside. The charm of the ancient villas in Da Lat is also reflected in the sophisticated and l luxurious interior decoration of the owners, who are mostly the former middle class and French officials.
With the luck of being the place to own the most ancient French architectural heritages in Dalat in particular and Vietnam in general, on the last September 29, 2017 with the purpose of introducing to tourists about a resort with history foundation and the different story for each Villa, Ana Villas Dalat Resort has held "A DAY IN FRENCH VILLAGE" event with the participation of more than 60 guests including Dalat City's leaders, our close clients and media agencies who have been collaborating with Ana Villas Dalat for the past one year.
Through this event, Ana Villas Dalat has officially introduced a new type of sightseeing services to many tourists who have always been and will continue to love and choose Ana Villas Dalat as an interesting destination for their vacation in Dalat. This new service will take you back to the old days and explore the architectural, human and historical tales of the ancient French architectural reservation area of Ana Villas Dalat. This shall become a visit destination that cannot be missed for tourists when visiting the city called “A Miniature Paris of Vietnam”.
Participating in the event, the guests could enjoy one day of slow living in the old French village space. From the morning, after arriving at the resort in the old cars, Ana Villas Dalat welcomed guests with a completely new appearance compared to the daily view. The guests could experience a real ancient French village right in Vietnam with everything decorated in a classic and elegant European style, from the comfort of the rooms to the costumes and the manner of the whole staff of the resort which brought to the guests of the event a sense of old French countryside.
Also at the event, the tourists would be immersed on the journey back to the old days, when together with the guides learned about the history and the impression of the French nobles who lived in “Amazing Residence (Khu cu xa ngoan muc)” - the former name of the French village of Ana Villas Dalat.

In addition to exploring the architecture and history of the place, in the afternoon tea party, the guests would also enjoy the sweet cakes prepared by the skillful hands of the chef, drink a little tea or coffee depending on your preferences and feel an afternoon which cannot be more wonderful.
After a long day with a lot of activities, a luxurious dinner party would bring real relaxation for the guests of the event. Chef Huong has treated all diners with French-inspired dishes. Along with the inspirational guidance of the French wine expert, the diners were well aware of the wine-drinking style as well as had more knowledge about the wines and how to combine them to make the food more delicious and attractive. In the warm and memorable atmosphere of the Le Petit restaurant, music was an indispensable catalyst for the guests. The melodious symphonies, the immortal French songs and the emotional love songs of singer Hoang Bach have all combined to create a really unforgettable night for each guest.
This "A Day in French Village" event is a success and a practical action for a brand’s promise to improve the quality of service that the resort would offer to its clients. In addition, this is also a landmark marking the beginning of the next 10 years of Ana Villas Dalat for its increasingly sustainable development and success.

About Ana Villas Dalat:
Ana Villas Dalat Resort & Spa set in the cool climate rural highland of central Vietnam, within the lush rolling hill, just five-minute drive from Dalat center. The resort comprises of 17 fully restored luxury French-style Villas convert in to 79 guest accommodations, preserving original design, décor and charm from the 1920’s – 1930’s. The Villas strike view of surrounding town and countryside abound from all areas of the gently sloping hillside property.
Each accommodation brings difference vibe with distingue design and interior. Room featured old wooden ceilings and mountain views, while the other room had a working fireplace and old wooden doors leading directly into the garden. All rooms had wooden floors, the creaking sound of the floorboards adding its charm to the experience. Both rooms also had beautiful large bathrooms with free standing bath tubs which we very much appreciated on cold Dalat evenings. The furniture and decor was dark wood in style with the design of the villas. All together give you the cozy felling like staying at home.
Whole hill was re-constructed for resort purpose with outdoor heated swimming pool, adding Le Petit Restaurant and La Cochinchine Spa into those Villas turn whole resort into a small countryside village set aside the crowed city life with just five minutes drive from city center. While walking around the resort, guest can spot our green garden where we grow organic vegetable and herb along with fruit trees in the garden around villas.